How much does it cost to go to the desert safari in Dubai

Dubai is a renowned city full of fun and adventure. Touring the desert sands especially during holidays is very exciting. While in this famous Far East city, there are more activities to enjoy such as indulging in sand dunes, sun bathing, sand boarding, camel riding as well as quad biking. If you are planning to visit Dubai, you can choose one of the means mentioned below.

1. Evening Desert Safari:
If you want to tour the wonders of life in Dubai, evening desert safari will make you enjoy your travels while in Dubai. Whether a tourist or just a resident, Dubai safaris will always meet your travelling desires, including bumping the desert sand. Besides, Desert Safari Tours in Dubai always offer lots of benefits to its clients as well as affordable evening safaris in Dubai to all its customers. If you are alone, you will be charged AED 35. Travels near Desert point charges is AED 99 per person. AED 59 is charged for Pick n Drop Services in Dubai and Sharjah.

2. Morning Desert Safari Dubai:
Dubai Desert tours is full of experience when getting more of morning desert trips. When you are planning for morning adventures in Dubai, you will have no problems with your pocket since the costs are relatively cheap. The price charged is AED 39 for each person Coming Near point, AED 90 is charged when you want to be picked and dropped at your doorstep. AED 59 is charged when you want to be picked and dropped in locations near Dubai and Sharjah.

3. Dubai City Bus Tour:
This tour is meant to be your orientation to all regions of Dubai for both residents and tourists. The packages offered in this trip is charged at AED 150 per individual for a group of four. A group of six individuals is charged at AED 130 per person whereas twelve people will have to pay AED 120 per individuals. A group of thirty people or more is priced at AED 100 per individual. These charges also incorporate Pick up and Drop cost at any station around Dubai and Sharjah.

4. Hummer Desert Safari:
Bashing the desert sandy dunes can’t be exciting and luxurious without the Hummer. When exploring Dubai’s hot climate and cool sandy dunes in luxury and comfort, then Hummer Desert Safari
Is suitable for you. The prices for hummer desert safaris are: AED 300 is charged per individual for four people, a group of six is charged at 290 per individual, and AED 280 is charged for twelve people. Pickup and Drop off costs are also included in Dubai and Sharjah regions. At only AED 2000, you can hire a hummer if you want to get more hummer desert adventures and enjoy Dune Bashing, Camel Riding, Sand Boarding and much more.

5. Jet Ski Tour:
You will get pleasure from the Jet Ski ride with lots of amazing facilities. The proficient and experienced staff guides will provides appropriate instructions to you before diving into the waters to indulge in Jet Ski riding. AED 80 is charged per person, which is considerably cheap for Jet Ski Tour service with their top and experienced instant guide across Dubai.

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