What is electrolsyis hair removal

Over the years, a number of different methods have been used to get rid of unwanted hair. Of all these methods, one of the most effective is electrolysis hair removal. In simple terms, this form of hair removal is a process by which an electrical current is used to kill hair by targeting the hair follicles. The device used to take the current into the hair follicles are very fine needle-shaped electrodes or tiny metal probes.It has to be pointed out that this form of hair removal can only be used for growing hair. This is because the process works by starving the hair of nutrients. As a result, the hair simply dies off. If you want to benefit from the process of electrolysis, you need to know exactly what is involved in the process.Electrolysis hair removal is the only method for getting rid of unwanted hair that is known to provide mostly permanent results. It is performed using electricity, and is the most expensive of all hair removal methods.

This is the only method that is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration for removing hair permanently – hair removal by Electrolysis San Diego.
This procedure involves a number of steps that are all performed using a needle-like probe to pass electrical currents into the hair follicles.
A major advantage of this treatment is that it can be performed on most parts of the body, except the insides of the ear and nose, and similar areas of the body.
There are basically three methods of electrolysis that are available in cosmetic clinics and hospitals today.
The first method is known as galvanic electrolysis, which is performed by forming a small amount of the chemical sodium hydroxide. This chemical is also used to make soap and drain clog removers, along with being able to cause severe damage to the follicles. The damage is enough to prevent the follicle from being able to grow hair strands again.
The second type of electrolysis is called thermolysis or short wave diathermy. This procedure is carried out using radio wave emitted at a frequency that causes the follicles to overhear and die. The entire process if known to be quite convenient since it is quick and efficient.
The third method is a combination of both the above mentioned techniques. This technique is used to achieve the same results that has made electrolysis popular, but in a shorter amount of time, thus making it more convenient for customers.
The reduction in the time taken for this procedure is especially important because electrolysis is a notoriously time-consuming process since the needle needs to be in every follicle for at least one minute.
Most patients would be required to make several visits to complete the treatment of even a small area on their body.
Many patients would also find some reddening and swelling on the area where the treatment has been performed. Scabbing and skin discoloration are common side effects that are noticed in patients during the initial few weeks.
Since electrolysis targets the follicle rather than the skin’s pigment, which is the case with laser hair removal, it can be performed on everybody regardless of their skin tone and type.
Given the growing number of men and women who are looking to get rid of unwanted hair, the cost of electrolysis hair removal has been significantly dropping with passing years.

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