Buying italian fashion brands in the UK, how to avoid counterfeit clothes

Made in Italy products are worldwide renowned as they stand out for their quality and attention to detail. It is not a case if international buyers often search for Italian products online, purchasing items from the many e-commerce websites on the Internet. However, it is important to pay great attention when buying Italian clothing online, as well as bags, food or anything else, so as to avoid counterfeiting and be sure you are purchasing authentic Italian products like Versace 1969¬†and not just “Italian sounding” ones.

Italian sounding products, as the name suggest, are items that look very similar to the original Italian ones, but are a counterfeit version which has nothing to do with Italy. As a matter of fact, many are the cases in which the famous “made in Italy” label is used improperly, the phenomenon being so widespread that the market of counterfeit items is worth 21 billion Euros in Europe, while originally made in Italy products are worth just 13.

Italian clothes are the most counterfeit products ever, with 25,5 millions of fake clothes on the market. It stands to reason that, when you are looking for Italian fashion online, you must be aware that you run the risk of buying non-Italian products with poor fabric quality. This is especially true for dresses of famous brands: more often than not, women purchasing Italian dresses online buy clothes that only resemble Italian fashion dresses, but when they discover it’s always too late.

These are the dangers of online shopping: as you can’t try on an item of clothing or touch the fabric to feel the quality and you have to rely only on a photo or two, you can never be sure that what you are buying are authentic Italian products.Italian wholesale dealers tend to work through brokers who do all this work for them so they can concentrate on what they do best: consistently get the most in demand goods at low prices. Finally, aggressive discount brand name advertising is officially discouraged by the brand houses which want to keep their luxury goods as such. Unofficially, though, the whole stock trade helps the same brands to keep their profits high and demand strong as excess inventory and leftovers are always sold.

Contrary to counterfeit items, high-quality Italian fashion for women is characterized by an unmatched attention to detail and the use of high-end fabric that guarantee exceptional wearability and comfort. To avoid the risk of purchasing a counterfeit item, be sure the online shop you are buying from is an Italian one or, at least, try to ascertain if it is an official dealer for an Italian brand. If you cannot verify such information, try to look for customers’ feedback on the site or elsewhere on the web. Feedback is fundamental when buying online, as it gives you an idea about the website you are buying from and the quality of both the service and the items.

Needless to say, always buy from websites that have very positive feedback from customers and avoid those with too many bad reviews (just a few are acceptable, but take some time to read them to understand the reason for bad feedback). Moreover, carefully look at the product description, the photos and all the details provided on the website. If details are precise and accurate, if there is a thorough description of the item and many high-quality photos, then you are probably on the right way to purchase authentic Italian products online.

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